Since 1925 the Royal Institute has been dedicated to the advancement of philosophy. Each year we sponsor hundreds of free, open philosophy events, bring critical thinking to more than a thousand young people in schools, publish books, journals, and videos -- and much more.


Many of our recent lectures and debates -- featuring speakers such as Patricia Churchland, David Chalmers and Kwame Anthony Appiah -- can be found on our YouTube channel, available and free to all.



The Institute arranges philosophy talks, debates, and discussions at venues all over the United Kingdom. Click below to find out about events near you.


Each year outstanding postgraduates are invited to apply for Jacobsen Studentships and Royal Institute of Philosophy Bursaries.


The Institute brings free introductory philosophy courses to  schools, funds postgraduate study, and arranges reading groups, courses, and classes in prisons.


If you would like to support the work of the Royal Institute of Philosophy, become a member and  receive a year's subscription to the journal Philosophy.


The Institute publishes two journals — Philosophy and Think — as well as study guides, the proceedings of departmental conferences, and the London Lecture Series.  


"Fostering the growth of a more widely diffused philosophical temper, which to many of our best minds is  the supreme desideratum of our age..."

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