2019 Philosophy Essay Prize Winner

The editors of Philosophy are delighted to announce the outcome of the 2019 essay prize. The winning entry is Georgi Gardiner's 'Profiling and Proof: Are Statistics Safe?'. The highly commended runner up is Martin Pleitz's 'Paradox as a Guide to Ground'. Both articles will be published in the April 2020 issue of Philosophy alongside an essay on paradoxes by Roy Sorensen and Mark Sainsbury. 



2019 Topic: The Significance of Paradoxes

Philosophers of logic and language and metaphysicians of substance, space and time have long been interested in paradoxes but so to a lesser degree have philosophers of mind and moral philosophers, eg in relation to self-deception, weakness of will and moral dilemmas. Essays are invited on the philosophical use of paradox. Authors may consider the implications of seeming or real paradoxes in specific areas of philosophy, where the paradoxes in question may be strictly logical or more informal, or they may examine the general significance of paradox for accounts of thought and of reality.


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