Video Production Project


Project Name: Video production of online talks and events


Project dates: October to December 2020


Project details

The Royal Institute is looking for an experienced videographer who is able to work remotely with the Academic Director and speakers from around the world, providing direction, technical advice, and remote support, producing high quality videos and online events with pre-recorded components and live Q&As. This will involve coordinating with individuals or university AV teams, editing speakers' recordings and their slides into a single video, managing the technical side of online Q&A discussions, and producing a final video of the mixed event.


Project breakdown

Six to eight remotely pre-recorded lectures by single speakers, about 30 to 45 minutes each, to be streamed with live Q&A, usually on Friday evenings.


One debate which will require pre-recording 3 or 4 speaker presentations of about 5 to10 minutes, given remotely from their own homes or offices, followed by managing the technical side of a live event.  These videos will be incorporated in the live event, in which a chair introduces each prerecorded video, chairs a 20 to 30 minute discussion between participants and then opens up to an audience Q&A. The discussion part needs to be recorded and edited into the final video.


Tender requirements

Please quote your fee on a per-event basis. Tell us how exactly you would produce the videos to create films of the best quality possible. Tell us about any equipment that the speakers would need to have that you would not be able to supply. (This should be as little as possible.) Tell us how you or your team might manage the technical side of the live event. If possible, please provide links to examples of similar work you have done.


Project contact

Please address any questions and bids to Julian Baggini, Academic Director, The Royal Institute of Philosophy


The deadline for tenders is 27 July 2020.