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Welcome to the Royal Institute of Philosophy. We are devoted to creating, sharing and enabling philosophical thinking. We empower the curious of every age and background to think more deeply about fundamental questions. We encourage a better understanding of our world and our place in it, for personal good and for the good of the society we live in.

Our history 

The Royal Institute of Philosophy was formally established in 1925 to explore “matters which constitute the deepest and most permanent interests of the human spirit”. We continue to do so today.

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Editor of Think

Dr. Stephen Law 

Dr Law is Director of Philosophy and Cert HE at Oxford University Department of Continuing Education. He is author of many popular books including The Philosophy Gym, The Complete Philosophy Files, and Believing Bullshit.

Members of the Council

Our large Council appoints the Executive Committee, and helps to determine the policies that we adopt as an educational charity and as a company limited by guarantee.

Dr. Anna Alexandrova 

Professor Maria Rosa Antognazza 

Dr. Maria Balaska 

Professor Michael Beaney 

Dr. Alix Cohen 

Professor Ben Colburn 

Dr. Sam Coleman 

Joan Concannon 

Dr. Alexandra Couto 

Dr. Rowan Cruft 

Professor Max de Gaynesford 

Dr. Joe Diekemper 

Dr David Edmonds 

Professor Fiona Ellis 

Dr. Nadine Ellen 

Dr. Yasemin J. Erden 

Dr. Suki Finn 

Jules Goddard 

Professor John Haldane 

Dr. Margaret Hampson 

Professor Angela Hobbs 

Professor Susan James 

Dr. Anneli Jefferson 

Joanna Kavenna 

Dr. Jason Konek 

Professor Kristjan Kristjansson 

Paul Keyte 

Dr Mary Leng 

Lizzy Lewis 

Professor Hallvard Lillehammer 

Dr. Beth Lord 

Dr. Federico Luzzi 

Professor John Marenbon 

Professor Matt Matravers 

Professor Véronique Munoz-Dardé 

Professor Alex Neill 

Dr. Fay Niker 

Professor Lucy O’Brien 

Dr. Sarah Patterson 

Professor Pauline Phemister 

Dr. Tina Rock 

Dr. Léa Salje 

Professor Constantine Sandis 

Professor Sarah Sawyer 

Professor Genia Schönbaumsfeld 

Dr. Tasia Scrutton 

Dr. Shyane Siriwardena 

Dr. Edward Skidelsky 

Professor Robert Stern 

Dr. James Wilson 

Ed Winters 

Dr Rachael Wiseman 

Professor Lea Ypi 

Dr. Anna Bergqvist 

Dr. Mazviita Chirimutta 

Dr. Ulrike Heuer 

Minna Salami 

Professor Martin O'Neill 

Professor Simon Kirchin 

Professor Robyn Repko Waller  

Policies and governance  

Our charitable purpose is to advance the education of the public in the subject of philosophy. Our main governing document was originally drafted in 1925 when the Institute was founded and revised in 2009.

Policies and governance

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