The Annual Lectures

Each year the Royal Institute sponsors a major lecture in four capital cities.


The Annual Debate

The Institute arranges a debate each year as part of the Being Human Festival.  Often these debates bring philosophers into discussion with those outside the discipline.


The 2019 Debate: 'What's the Point of Diversity?'

The London Lectures

This series brings philosophers of considerable standing to London to give a lecture on the chosen theme each year.


The  2019/2020 Series: 'How Do We Know?'


The Royal Institute sponsors a departmental conference as well as several postgraduate conferences and conferences for teachers in schools.

Branch Events

Through a system of branches, the Institute sponsors public events throughout the country. Philosophy lecture series, seminars, discussion groups, and conferences are run throughout the year by the various branches. These activities are almost always free and open to the public. 


Find a branch near you.