Postgraduate Conferences

Postgraduate Conference Funding 2022-2023

The Royal Institute now offers up to £5000 for conferences arranged and postgraduate students of philosophy. The purpose of this funding is to help postgraduates by giving them the opportunity to acquire experience setting up a conference and presenting their work. 


Bear this in mind when planning your conference and putting together your proposal, as our choice of which applications to support will be guided by the extent to which they meet these goals.


In general, the Institute will support 

·       UK travel and costs for graduate speakers;

·       conferences where the majority of speakers / participants are postgraduates;

·       conferences where the lead applicant is a postgraduate

·       traditional conferences, or events with more innovative (including online and  hybrid) formats.


In general, the Institute does not intend to support 

·       transatlantic flights (especially for) keynote professors;

·       conferences where the majority of speakers are salaried;

·       honorariums or gifts;

·       annual department PG conferences


Please put together a proposal, outlining the topic and approach to it, along with a completed cover sheet, which you can find below.  Please note the conditions on sponsorship below. Proposals should be sent to the Managing Director, to arrive no later than 31 March.

Postgraduate Conference Application
Postgraduate conference application.docx
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Conditions of Sponsorship
Conditions of Postgrad Sponsorship.docx
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