The London Lectures: Expanding Horizons

Philosophy in the Anglophone world is in a period of unprecedented change.  While the twentieth century was one of increased specialisation and narrowing of concerns, the twenty-first looks like being one of expanding horizons. This year we have asked a diverse range of philosophers from different fields, countries and traditions for their suggestions for ways in which this expansion might most fruitfully be pursued. We will hear about philosophers who have been unjustly neglected, questions and problems that have escaped our attention, other traditions and disciplines we can learn from, novel or neglected methods and more.

Whether you’re new to philosopher or deeply steeped in it, these stimulating and accessible talks will provide you with fresh insights and ideas.

All talks online, Thursday evenings at 8pm (Except November 25).  Links will appear here soon.



Autumn 2021

October 28                Leah Kalmanson (University of North Texas)

November 4              Joanna Burch-Brown (University of Bristol)

November 11             Helen de Cruz (Saint Louis University)

November 25            Noburu Notomi (University of Tokyo) Lunchtime talk

December 2               Nilanjan Das ( University College London)

December 9               Eileen John (University of Warwick)


Winter 2022

January 27                Owen Flanagan (Duke University)

February 3                 María del Rosario Acosta López (University of California, Riverside)

February 10               Tamara Albertini (University of Hawai'i)

February 17               Amy Olberding (University of Oklahoma)

February 24              Chike Jeffers (Dalhousie University)

March 10                   Lewis Gordon (University of Connecticut)

March 17                    Roger Ames (University of Hawaiʻi)

March 24                   Jonardon Ganeri (University of Toronto)


Past Lecture Series

Although lectures in London have been arranged since the Institute was founded, it was in 1967 that the first series was published. In the forward to first volume, The Human Agent, the editor, Godfrey Vesey, writes, "On Friday evenings in the winter months London members of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and their friends meet in a small hall in Bloomsbury -- 14 Gordon Square, London W.C. 1 -- to listen to, and discuss, lectures by foremost British, and visiting, philosophers .... In response to requests by members of the Institute living too far form London to attend the lectures (the Institute has a world-wide membership) arrangements have been made for ... them to be published in a yearly volume."


Here's is a list of all the published London Lectures Series.


2020 A Philosophers' Manifesto

2019 How Do We Know? The Social Dimension of Knowledge

2018 A Centenary Celebration: Anscombe, Foot, Midgley and Murdoch

2017 Passions and the Emotions

2016 Metaphysics

2015 Philosophy of Action

2014 History of Philosophy

2013 Mind, Self, and Persons

2012 Philosophical Traditions

2011 Philosophy and Sport

2010 The Arts

2009 The Environment

2008 Religion

2007 Conceptions of Philosophy

2006 Epistemology

2005 Philosophy of Science

2004 Philosophy, Biology and Life

2003 Agency and Action

2002 Modern Moral Philosophy

2001 Minds and Persons

2000 Logic, Thought and Language

1999 Philosophy at the New Millennium

1998 Philosophy, the Good, the True, and the Beautiful

1997 German Philosophy Since Kant

1996 Current Issues in Philosophy of Mind

1995 Verstehen and Humane Understanding

1994 Karl Popper: Philosophy and Problems

1993 Philosophy, Psychology and Psychiatry

1992 Ethics

1991 The Impulse to Philosophise

1990 The A. J. Ayer Memorial Lectures

1989 Wittgenstein Centenary Lectures

1988 The Philosophy in Christianity

1987 Recurrent Philosophical Themes

1986 Contemporary French Philosophy

1985 Philosophers Ancient and Modern

1984 American Philosophy

1983 Philosophy and Practice

1982 Objectivity and Cultural Divergence

1981 Philosophy and Literature

1980 Of Liberty

1979 Marx and Marxisms

1978 Idealism -- Past and Present

1977 Philosophers of the Enlightenment

1976 Human Values

1975 Communication and Understanding

1974 Impressions of Empiricism

1973 Nature and Conduct

1972 Understanding Wittgenstein

1971 Philosophy and the Arts 

1970 Reason and Reality

1969 The Proper Study

1968 Knowledge and Necessity

1967 Talk of God

1966 The Human Agent