Postgraduate conference funding

The call for funding is now closed, but when the call for the next round comes along, in 2023, here’s what applicants will need to know.

The Royal Institute now offers up to £6,000 for conferences arranged by or for postgraduate students of philosophy. The purpose of this funding is to help postgraduates by giving them the opportunity to acquire experience setting up a conference and to present their work.

It is not uncommon for the amount requested in the combined applications to significantly exceed the fund’s total of £6,000. We prefer not to award all the funding to a single applicant, so we recommend that individual applications make requests for only a part of the total funding unless the case to be the sole recipient is extremely compelling.

In case of high demand for funding we will seek exclusively to fund conference costs related to PG students. If your conference involves a mix of PG and non-PG speakers/participants, please highlight the costs relating to PG students specifically (e.g. PG student travel, PG student accommodation, catering for PG students), and provide the sum total of these costs.

In general, the Institute will support:

  • UK travel, accommodation and catering costs;
  • conferences where the majority of speakers / participants are postgraduates;
  • conferences where the lead applicant is a postgraduate
  • traditional conferences, or events with more innovative (including online and hybrid) formats.

In general, the Institute does not intend to support:

  • transatlantic flights (especially for) keynote professors;
  • conferences where the majority of speakers are salaried;
  • honorariums or gifts;
  • annual department PG conferences

Please download and complete the cover sheet to the left and put together a proposal, which should include:

  • (i) An outline of the topic and the approach to it.
  • (ii) A full breakdown of costs, including costs specifically related to PG student speakers/participants.

Please also note the conditions of sponsorship here.