The Royal Institute records most of its London events and many others too.  On our Youtube page you can find lectures on passions and the emotions, metaphysics, the philosophy of action, the history of philosophy, and mind, self and persons. There are also Annual Lectures, given by philosophers like Rae Langton, Timothy Williamson, Amartya Sen, Kwame Anthony Appiah, David Chalmers and Tyler Burge -- there's a full list here. You can also watch all of our Annual Debates. Click subscribe to keep up to date, as new videos are added all the time.

Centenary Celebration

For the 2018/19 London Lectures, we marked the centenary of the birth of three highly distinguished and individual philosophers, Elizabeth Anscombe, Iris Murdoch and Mary Midgley, all of whom were together in Oxford in the 1940s. Their equally distinguished colleague Philippa Foot was born in 1920. There are 16 lectures in this impressive series.

London Annual Lecture 2018: Kwame Anthony Appiah

In 2018 Anthony Appiah gave a lecture called  'What is a Science of Religion'. Appiah is Professor of Law and Philosophy at New York University. Among his recent books are Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of StrangersExperiments in EthicsThe Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions HappenLines of Descent: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Emergence of Identity, and A Decent Respect: Honor in the Lives of People and of Nations.

Annual Debate 2019: The Nation

In this debate, David Miller and Lea Ypi addressed the motion, 'The Nation is an Institution which has Outlived its Usefulness’. David Miller is Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Political Theory at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, and Visiting Professor of Law and Philosophy at Queen’s University, Ontario.  Lea Ypi is  Professor in Political Theory in the Government Department, London School of Economics, and Adjunct Associate Professor in Philosophy at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University.