Philosophy in Schools

Announcement: we're moving our courses online!


In response to lockdown and school closures, the Institute is ramping up its online philosophy teaching. We hope to bring philosophy to as many as 75 schools this year. If you're a school teacher or head and want to host a course, get in touch with James Garvey as soon as possible please.




Since 1997, the Jacobsen Trust has made available to the Royal Institute funds to promote philosophical work in schools..


Although the Institute sometimes arranges sessions with younger children, the courses usually involve students aged 16 – 19, who have little or no experience in philosophy. We'll work with students of just about any age and of just about any background -- no experience of philosophy or working on Philosophy at A-Level.


Our teachers tackle basic philosophical topics concerning the nature of knowledge, ethics, the mind, free will, aesthetics and so on. The content is usually organized around the teacher’s own area of expertise — always situated in mainstream, academic philosophy.


The goals of the scheme are many: engaging the interest of students in basic philosophical issues, free and rigorous enquiry, clarifying and discussing certain questions and the various reasons offered in support of one position or another, developing the capacity to think critically. 


We are always on the lookout for new schools, so institutions able to host a course are very welcome to apply. Just fill in this application form and email it to James Garvey, the Managing Director.

Jacobsen School Course Application
Jacobsen School Course Application 2021.
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